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Youtube Channels For Dummies


Maybe your business, which could be a local coffee shop or a Fortune 500 company. No matter how you plan to make use of your video-making skills, YouTube has made sharing the results of those skills easy. And with the tips and techniques included within the pages of this second edition of YouTube Channels For Dummies, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of YouTube’s user-friendly platform when creating your very own YouTube channel.maybe you’re looking to become a YouTube sensation with your next video or you simply want to share your insights or your particular expertise with the world. Perhaps you’d even like to use YouTube and video to help

To get a better sense of how YouTube has changed the entertainment playing field, cast your mind back to ten or so years before the turn of the millennium — if you can remember back that far. Despite an explosion of ever better and ever cheaper video equipment for consumers, sharing a video still meant gathering family and friends around your giant 70-inch, LED television screen so that every-one could watch your latest video masterpiece. Back in those days, someone who wasn’t in the room watching along was clean out of luck.

YouTube changed all that. It globalized the viewing experience, reinventing how people show videos by making it possible to share with audiences considerably larger than that  bunch of friends and family gathered around the  TV set  eating popcorn. Any viewer who wanted to see any video anywhere in the world only had to type into their favorite browser, search for the video they wanted to see, and click the Play button — and there it was.

As easy as it is for a viewer to take full advantage of YouTube, it’s almost as easy for a contributor to become part of the YouTube mix. After setting up an account, it’s a snap to start uploading video. And, if the video you’re uploading takes off, you could become famous and even earn a good chunk of change from your YouTube exploits.

Notice that we said “if the video you’re uploading takes off.” That can be a very big if. Not just any video will do. The truth of the matter is that the low-quality, badly shot videos that were still popular a few years ago no longer cut the

mustard. Viewers expect higher quality these days, which is why you need to step up your game and produce the best possible content. This book can help show you the way.