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Uploading the channel icon

Uploading the channel icon

The default Channel icon is the purple box overlaying the left side of your banner art. It’s marginally okay, but nothing to write home about, so you’ll definitely want to replace it. When you have your icon all designed and ready, follow these easy steps to add it to your channel:

  1. With your channel in Edit mode, roll the mouse pointer over the large icon placeholder at the top of your page to make the Pencil icon


Technically, the Pencil icon is referred to as the Edit Channel Icon button.

  1. Click the Edit Channel Icon

Doing so brings up a dialog box informing you that your Channel icon is also the icon for your Google account and that it may take some time to refl                                               the change.

  1. Click the Edit

This button brings you immediately to the Upload page. (See Figure 3-5.)

  1. Click the Upload Photo link, and then select a photo using the dialog box that


You’re given the option to adjust the crop, scale, and rotation of the image.


We don’t recommend using a casual selfi as your icon if you’re just starting out. A nicely designed logo looks more professional than a selfie. An exception is if your channel is a personality-based vlog.

  1. After making your adjustments, click

You’ll be notifi     that it may take some time for the change to refl    across all associated Google accounts.

  1. To return to YouTube, click the 3-by-3 grid in the top right, and then select the YouTube


















The Google dialog box for adding an

icon to your channel.