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Building your channel from ground up

Building Your Channel

from the Ground Up



YouTube channel is where the creator can track activity, maintain account settings, and — most importantly for a creator like you — upload videos. The ability to find your way around your channel and understand the dif-

ferent features that YouTube offers is essential to building your audience, and [drumroll, please] obtaining revenue.



Navigating Your Channel

A YouTube channel has two primary purposes. For most users, YouTube is for watching videos. When you log in to your YouTube account, you’re met with a page offering a lot of videos for you to watch. You also see a large ad — no surprise there — as well as suggestions from YouTube for what you should watch. You see sections for some of the channels you subscribe to, and some guesses at stuff you might like. A lot of the logged-in experience is covered in Chapter 2, but now it’s time to dig a little deeper and look at what you can do with your channel.