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Evergreen content

Evergreen content

Like a tree of shrubbery that never turns brown, the evergreen video remains popular with its niche audience for a long time. That’s because it consists of con- tent that people will search for often and over an extended period. If YouTube videos were gallons of milk, comparing the two, a viral video would have a shorter expiration date to more evergreen content. Though there’s less pressure to creat- ing a successful evergreen video, it still requires a lot of work to gain a following. You have to let people know that it’s out there while keeping it relevant for them to venture out and find you.


The types of content that may have (potential) evergreen value include


» Instructional videos

» Educational videos

» Travel videos

» Overviews of holiday traditions

» Biographies of famous people


Most evergreen content — instructional videos or content associated with a his- torical event, for example — doesn’t usually go viral but can enjoy a longer run of popularity because the content will continue to attract a steady stream of viewers.




Viral videos usually have a humorous or quirky feel to them, and though most of the time they unintentionally gather a mass following, some corporations have managed to produce successful viral videos quite intentionally. But there’s no guarantee that your video will fi  success, even if it’s a promotional video with big money behind it.


Like the countless grains of sand, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube — but only a few become viral sensations. As with winning the lottery, the success of a viral video is more “hoped for” than “planned for.” Still, you can improve your chances by considering some attributes that other viral videos have displayed.


Consider these suggestions:


  • Engage the You have to grab their attention before they know what hit them.
  • Be Trends and pop culture references have a wide appeal to audiences, so why not integrate them into your video?
  • Add Make ’em laugh, and they’ll keep coming.
  • Make it After grabbing viewers’ attention and holding their interest, don’t take a chance on losing them by droning on too long or having a lull in the action.
  • Use popular The biggest YouTube video of 2019 was Con Calma, a music video by Daddy Yankee & Snow. It was, viewed over 1.5 billion times. Consider music as one popular subject.


After completing and uploading your video, here are some aspects that will help it along its viral path:


  • Spread the news over social Tweet out your video link, post it on Facebook, and ask friends to share it.
  • Send out Send out an email blast with the YouTube link.
  • Blog about If you have a blog, then blog about your video. Also reach out to other bloggers and ask them to do the same.
  • Listen to It’s no secret that comments found on YouTube can be hurtful, but some are actually helpful. Try to sift through them to fi what people like about your video.