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Establishing Your Channel’s Mission

Chapter 5

» Understanding how and why scheduling is critical to channel success


Making Plans Both

Large and Small




ouTube is a truly massive online community, with more than 500 hours of new video content uploaded every minute and where millions of new sub- scribers are added every day and a significant proportion of subscribers

(both new and old) not only engage with YouTube creators but also frequently take some sort of action while on YouTube, such as buying a product. With so much content to choose from, you need to be authentic, well organized, and con- sistently active for your channel to attract a growing fan base. Effective planning and a continual review against your goals is critical to success on YouTube. Fortunately, putting your plan together is straightforward, but your goals need to be measured and adjusted on an ongoing basis.


Proper planning is about looking at the big picture first and then working your way through the details in a methodical way. YouTube audiences know the differ- ence between great channels and mediocre channels because the best ones are always well planned. Planning makes all your other YouTube and marketing activities more efficient. You may feel the need to rush out and produce some vid- eos, but you’ll be better served — and achieve better results — if you step back and think about how audiences, channels, and content all come together. This chapter is about planning your YouTube strategy.


Go back to the basics if your existing channel isn’t attracting or engaging viewers. Effective planning isn’t only about creating new YouTube channels and uploading more videos — it’s also about laying the groundwork for some cool marketing strategies. Fortunately, planning ahead goes a long way toward getting your pres- ent channel moving and your audience excited about your work. Don’t be sur- prised if some of your viewers want to collaborate and offer to help you out.



Establishing Your Channel’s Mission


Your YouTube channel is a great way for you to present yourself and your brand to an audience (that’s potentially massive). You may balk at considering yourself a “brand,” but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter whether you’re an inde- pendent creator, a Fortune 500 company, a cutting-edge digital agency, or a local business — every organization and YouTube creator has its own brand, whether they know it or not. Your brand’s value is tied to its uniqueness and how it appeals to your viewers. That’s why YouTube is so important and effective for showing what you or your company represent — far better than words can ever do, as a matter of fact.


Successful YouTube strategies incorporate a channel presence well beyond simply uploading your videos for free. Your channel is a place where viewers should visit regularly to discover and consume content. This is an opportunity to grow, engage, and inspire communities of passion.


Upon arriving on your YouTube channel, viewers should quickly understand what you and your channel are all about. The success of your channel is tied to making your brand and channel mission resonate loud and clear. Khan Academy, shown in Figure 5-1, is an excellent example of YouTube integration with its brand. Visit the channel at to see a live example of a YouTube channel with a clear mission.


If you have other online properties, such as a website, a Facebook page, an Insta- gram channel, or a Twitter account, make sure your YouTube channel has consis- tent branding and messaging that aligns with all your social networks and websites. Viewers commonly move across these properties as they engage with you, so your mission must be unified and clear.





















Khan Academy’s mission aligns with its YouTube