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Delivering content consistently

Delivering content consistently

A famous philosopher once spoke rather disparagingly about foolish consistencies being the hobgoblins of little minds. That may be a good philosophy for your branding and content, but not for your YouTube channel programming. Though YouTube differs significantly from broadcast television and cable networks, your viewers will want consistency and predictability of content scheduling.


The better YouTube creators post content on their channels regularly. That’s what a publishing schedule is: the day you make your videos public. Best practice is to upload your videos as private while you work on the descriptive information — also known as metadata, a topic we discuss in great detail in Chapter 9. Figure 5-5 shows some publishing statistics and more from the beauty industry. The day- and-time that you make your videos public is when your subscribers are notified.


Upload content weekly. Don’t hide it. Let the audience know your publishing schedule on YouTube, and use social media to alert them when your content is live.
























An analysis of beauty videos on

YouTube including top content types, keywords, average video length, and publishing calendar.
















Courtesy of Pixability.