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Programming for Success

Programming for Success


Suppose that you create a good channel and produce ten excellent videos that your audience would likely watch, share, like, and comment on. Uploading those ten videos all at one time translates into only one measly real event for your audience — meaning that you’ve left nine marketing opportunities unexploited.


The moral of the story? Don’t rush to upload all your content to YouTube at one time. You draw better audience engagement if you space out your uploads — in essence, delivering your content on a regular basis. Programming dictates how best to deliver your content to your fan base.


Keeping your subscriber feeds active is an important part of your programming strategy. It helps keep viewers coming back to your channel frequently. Not all subscribers will choose to receive every last notification from your channel. The default is personalized notifications, where users can choose to receive updates whenever your channel uploads a new video or any updates you share.


Subscription feeds show only your recently uploaded videos to subscribers — no other activity gets your channel highlighted in anyone’s subscription feed. Keep in mind that after you designate a video as content made for children, subscribers don’t get notifications about that upload. If your entire channel is content made for children, the notification bells for your viewers are grayed-out.