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Managing your links

Managing your links

The last part of the channel art setup involves placing link overlays — the custom links on your channel art pointing to your website or social media pages. You can add links to many social networks, merchandise providers, and even iTunes. You can also add a link to an email address or even your personal website. Adding links is, like many of the tasks in this chapter, accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. With your channel in Edit mode, roll the mouse pointer over the channel art banner, click the Edit button (the Pencil icon on the far right) when it appears, and then select Edit


Doing so takes you to a dialog box for adding and/or editing your links, as shown in Figure 3-6.

  1. Enter an email address in the For Business Inquiries fi

Okay, the vast majority of email you’ll receive in this context will be spam, but you never know. A legitimate off  may pop up. Stranger things have happened.























Adding links to

your channel art.


  1. Select the country you’re in from the Location

This step shows viewers where you’re based. You can also select None if you’d prefer to keep that private.

  1. In the Links section, click the Links button to begin adding your custom links to your website and social media


The dialog box that appears lets you overlay links on your artwork. YouTube allows channel managers to link external websites and social media profi from their channel, which means that you can send your viewers to your own site, where they can get more information about you; any social media or

e-commerce sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; and even sites like iTunes, Google Play, and Etsy, where you can sell stuff to your audience.

A maximum of fi    links can be displayed on the channel banner. We recom- mend adding your personal website fi            because the corresponding link displays its full name. All subsequent links are compressed to display the corresponding site’s logo.

You can add more than fi    links to your channel; they will simply be visible

only in the About section of your channel.