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Curation recycling

Curation recycling

A multichannel network (MCN) aggregates many similarly themed YouTube chan- nels and personalities and then makes  them  available  in  one  place.  Frequently, they help promote their managed channels’ content on a single primary channel. To see what we mean, check out Tastemade ( channels), which is a great example of an MCN curating its channels’ content — it groups videos from different channels into a unified theme and  makes  it  much easier for viewers to watch them.


You don’t have to own or be affiliated with a YouTube video to include it in your own channel playlist lineup. If you really like hunting down recipes, for example, you can collect and curate them from your audience. There are no limits to what you can curate, although some content will resonate better with your audience.


Create sections and playlists on your  channel that  include videos from  other creators. As long as it makes sense for your channel to include outside content, curating content is an excellent way to expand your channel’s appeal and keep it active even if you aren’t creating unique content.


Adidas, for example, has a ton of channels. Company leaders made a conscious decision to link many of its subchannels to sections and playlists on its primary channel, at Adidas has also subscribed to its own channels, to highlight even more of its content. Doing so encourages cross- promotion of its other assets and channels.