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Being difference being valuable and being authentic

Being diff        being valuable,

being authentic

YouTube has 2 billion logged-in unique visitors every month, and this number continues to grow. Now, that might sound intimidating, as in “How can I get any- one to notice me?” but our advice to you is to jump right in. The trick is that you simply have to be different enough and interesting enough for people to care. Your content (or the content of those videos you choose to curate) must connect with your audience while tying into your brand. In an increasingly congested space, you need to be authentic to establish credibility and aid discoverability.


Yes, it’s possible to make a little money in the YouTube world by hiring yourself out as a spokesperson for a third party, but being a paid spokesperson is a risky strategy. You’ll find that your YouTube audience is rather astute and will quickly weed out from their subscriptions and playlists any channels that lack authentic- ity. If you get paid to include product placements in your videos, be sure to notify YouTube when updating your monetization settings. You must follow all of You- Tube’s ad policies if you’re paid to include product placement in your editorial content. For more on monetization settings, see Chapter 14.