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The Channel tabs

The Channel tabs

Just like a web browser, YouTube channels have tabs. Tabs are helpful for viewers looking to navigate your channel quickly and efficiently. Each tab has a different functionality, intended to help the viewing experience:


» Home: Viewers see this tab by default when they click on your channel from a

YouTube search or when they manually type your channel address in their

web browser. Your channel trailer and sections all appear here, on the Home tab.

» Videos: The Videos tab contains exactly what you’d expect — all public videos on the channel. The default view is Newest Videos First — the videos that

were added to the channel most recently. The viewer can always sort by

Oldest Videos First or Most Popular instead.

» Playlists: The Playlists tab is where all your channel’s public playlists can be

found. As a creator, you can fi up playlists with your own content. You can

also curate content from other YouTube channels for your playlists.


Playlists also come up in YouTube search results, so always use descriptive thumbnails for your videos, as well as compelling playlist titles and descrip- tions. A playlist is a great way to extend your viewers’ session time on your channel. (Session time directly supports your channel ranking and discover- ability on a YouTube search.)



Though we recommend making and sharing playlists, you may hide them from others by clicking the channel settings, denoted by the Gear icon on the right side of your channel, and turning privacy on. You can do the same with the visibility of the channels you’re subscribed to.

» Store: The Store tab is a part of YouTube’s Merchandise Shelf feature, where

users can sell featured merchandise on their videos and channels. This

feature is not available for everyone. Users are eligible to apply for this feature if their channel is monetized, if they have over 10,000 subscribers, if they’re in a country where the feature is allowed, and if children are not the target audience.

» Channels: If you have partnerships, this tab is the place to add all those channels you associate with. If your brand owns many channels, you’ll want

to make sure all your channels are listed here, for easy discoverability and reference for the viewers. This is a quick way to get interested viewers to consume more related content.

» Discussion: Viewers are sure to comment on your channel and videos if

you’re creating engaging content. You can follow along with all the channel

comments on this tab. When logged in, you can remove inappropriate comments or report spam comments directly.

If you want to disable comments on your channel, click the channel settings and toggle the Show Discussion tab to Off You can also allow comments to display automatically or — if you want to monitor what’s posted — you can change the setting so that they don’t display until approved by you.

» Community: This feature, available only to channels with over 1,000 subscribers,

replaces the Discussion tab. If it’s unlocked, you’re able to use this tab to post

images, videos, and polls to drastically increase and enhance how you interact with your audience.

» About: This tab acts as your opportunity to tell your viewers all about yourself

and/or your business. It is important that you maximize this space (up to

1,000 characters) to improve your channel’s discoverability. You can talk about your brand, the videos people should expect, and include an email address

for viewers to contact you outside of YouTube. You can also include any relevant social network sites that you might be active on. Your viewers can come here to see some quick stats on your channel, such as your total view count, number of subscribers, and the date you created your YouTube channel.


YouTube’s global reach means that many people who don’t speak the same lan- guage as you may see your channel. To improve your channel’s accessibility, click the Translating Channel Info link at the bottom of the Channel Settings list (accessed via the gear icon to the right) to create and save various translations of your channel’s name and description.