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News and information

News and information

YouTube offers far more content for viewers than perusing the latest music vid- eos, marveling at people doing truly weird stuff, or looking at dogs dressed in costumes. Though these provide a pleasant escape, you can also use YouTube to stay informed when it comes to news and current events. You can find coverage of newscasts, editorials on every imaginable topic, news segments and packages that cover anything from business and national news to entertainment and health issues, and even livestreams of events and breaking news. That’s why almost every major news outlet has a YouTube channel where you can look at clips and watch video segments.


Here’s a brief list of news organizations represented on YouTube:


» Associated Press Television

» ABC News

» BBC News

» NBC News


Autos and vehicles

Whether you’re in the market for a new ride or just want to see something go fast, videos about cars dominate on YouTube. This content covers everything from reviews and test drives to maintenance and customizations. Not an automotive enthusiast? You’ll find content on every other method of transportation, whether it’s a motorcycle, boat, plane, or anything in between.


Want to break into the scene? Here are a few things to keep in mind:


» Be safe: Whether you’re behind the handlebars of a motorcycle or beneath

the undercarriage of a jacked-up off           safety is a priority. Make sure you’re obeying traffi laws and demonstrating proper etiquette with your machines and tools. This will not only keep you out of trouble but also keep both you, your viewers, and your fellow commuters safe.

» Be respectful: You may love the rumbling exhaust on your customized ride,

but that doesn’t mean everyone else in your neighborhood does. Plus, if you’re trying to explain to your audience how and why something works, it’s probably worth it to cut the engine fi

» Be knowledgeable: Sure, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert to review the latest sedan, but it’s worth it to do your research so that you can

give an educated, nuanced perspective. By knowing the ins, outs, features,

and even quirks of the vehicle you’re talking about, your audience will fi     you more credible and set you apart from the pack.




Do you have a gift for making people laugh? YouTube is a great place for comedi- ans, both up-and-coming and well-established. Whether you’re making a one- off skit or a humorous commentary or recording your latest stand-up set, you can likely find the perfect audience.


If you think you have what it takes to cut it as a comedian, be aware of this advice:


» Understand your audience: Humor on YouTube comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and genres. Some of it appeals to a broader audience, and at

other times it can be quite niche. Make sure you know which subset you fi into before trying to carve your way; otherwise, your wit may fall fl

» Be kind: Simply stated, don’t be a jerk. There’s a fi     line between teasing and

bullying, and it’s never a good idea to cross it. Jokes at the expense of others are not only hurtful but also, depending on their severity, may violate YouTube’s terms of service.



Travel and events

Nothing expands your horizons quite as much as traveling, and with its global reach, YouTube puts the world at people’s fingertips. The world is big and diverse, meaning that the possibilities for what you can share are virtually endless. Maybe you know the best places to eat in Japan, or maybe you’re a fiend for festivals, or maybe you just want to share a little bit about all your adventures around the globe — whatever your take may be, there’s always an audience for you.


Travel videos are a great way to grow your online presence; just be conscious of

these tips:


» Be a good tourist: The world is an incredibly vast place, with countless people

and cultures. It’s imperative that you be respectful of other countries’ rules and traditions. Your videos not only inform your audience, they also act as a refl of both you and where you come from. Make sure that when you’re visiting a region, you’re being cognizant and respectful of how your host country goes about things. No one likes a bad tourist, so don’t ruin it for everyone else.

» Be curious: The world is your oyster! A great way to stand out from the crowd of travel channels is by truly immersing yourself in wherever you’re going. Get out

of your comfort zone! Eat like a local. See the sights. Let loose and experience wherever you are to the fullest (while also being respectful). You only get one life.


Science and technology

What we know about the world is constantly changing and expanding, and so is the science community on YouTube. The range of knowledge and technology you can find is incredibly vast: everything from explanations of intricate mathemati- cal formulas to theories about the origins of the universe to robots that will try their hardest — and not really succeed — to apply lipstick to someone’s face. If you’re curious about a scientific topic, odds are that you can find countless videos explaining it. And, because things are constantly evolving, there are always opportunities for you to contribute.


If you want to share some of your knowledge with the world, consider this advice:


» Cite your sources: Though there’s no doubt that you’re a smarty-pants, odds

are that your understanding of the universe is composed of an amalgamation of other people’s theories and ideas. It’s always a good idea to cite these and other sources of information. This not only lends you credibility but also gives your viewers a map to expanding their own knowledge.

» Stay on topic: When discussing complicated subjects, especially dense

theoretical ones, it’s easy to become tangled in a mess of information. Make sure to script out your talking points. It keeps you focused, makes it easier to vet for accuracy, and helps your viewers follow along more easily.



Nonprofi   and activism

YouTube is an excellent resource for those attempting to raise awareness about a cause they’re passionate  about.  The world is a tumultuous, complicated, and sometimes unjust place, and YouTube can be the perfect avenue for raising aware- ness. Whether you’re trying to raise funds for the local animal shelter where you volunteer or to increase awareness about climate change and the environment, YouTube can be an incredibly important platform.


If you’re trying to bring about change, keep this advice in mind:


» Be honest: We live in the age of “fake news” and hard-to-discern truths. It’s important that the information you’re conveying and advocating is truthful

and transparent. Misinformation not only makes you look bad but can also negatively impact the cause you’re advocating for.


» Be cautious: Politics and Internet culture don’t always co-exist peacefully.

YouTube is an incredibly large website utilized by people with varying stances, both politically and socially. Just because you believe in something doesn’t mean that others will agree with you and stay silent about it. The age old Internet adage “Don’t feed trolls” stands true. Getting in arguments with people who disagree with you never leads to anything good. Sometimes you can’t change people’s minds, no matter how hard you try. Choose your battles wisely; invest your energy in helping others.

» Call others to action: Simply talking about a subject, no matter how compel-

ling, is not always enough. Directly calling out to your audience about which steps they should take next, whether it’s online or in the real world, is a great way of encouraging interaction and follow-through.