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Making an educational video

Making an educational video

YouTube has become a great place for people of all ages, education levels, and interests to learn. And why not? It’s a central location where viewers can find out about just about any topic; besides, though it’s one thing to read about a subject,


watching it on video provides a whole new perspective. You’ll find history lessons,

teaching aids, and coverage of current events all on YouTube. Here are some tips for producing an educational video:

» Know your audience. Before Goldilocks tells you that one video was too hard

to understand and that another had information she already knew, it’s up to you to make it just right. That starts with knowing your audience — knowing what they’re capable of and also knowing what your audience most

needs to know.

» Keep it simple. There’s no reason to show or tell any more information than

necessary. In other words, stay on topic. Have a singular focus and be sure to use lots of strong visuals.

» Be concise in your introduction. Potential viewers must have some idea of

what they can learn. That’s why it’s important to have a clear description of the video. If you can’t explain it in two lines, you should consider reworking your idea.

» Write a good script. At its core, the educational video is still a movie. And like

a great movie, its success begins with having a good script that both enter- tains and gets to the point. Be sure to write the narration as succinctly as possible, and make the visuals consistent with your time constraints and budget.