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Update client

Check the status of managed computers periodically. If you notice a computer with security issues, click its name to display the Information page. For more information, refer to Checking the endpoint status.

Outdated clients or outdated security content represent security issues. In these cases, you should run an update on the corresponding computer. This task can be done locally from the computer, or remotely from Control Center.

To remotely update the client and the security content on managed computers:

  1. Go to the Network page.

  2. Select the container that you want from the left-side pane. All endpoints from the selected container are displayed in the right-side pane table.

  3. Select the check boxes of endpoints where you want to run a client update.

  4. Click the task.png Tasks button at the upper side of the table and choose Update. A configuration window will appear.

  5. You can choose to update only the product, only the security content or both.

  6. Click Update to run the task. A confirmation message will appear.

    You can view and manage the task on the Network > Tasks page. For more information, refer to Viewing and managing tasks.

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