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Security for Exchange

Security for Exchange

Bitdefender Security for Exchange provides antimalware, antispam, antiphishing, attachment and content filtering seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Exchange Server, to ensure a secure messaging and collaboration environment and increase productivity. Using award-winning antimalware and antispam technologies, it protects the Exchange users against the latest, most sophisticated malware, and against attempts to steal users’ confidential and valuable data.


Security for Exchange is designed to protect the entire Exchange organization to which the protected Exchange Server belongs. This means it protects all active mailboxes, including user/room/equipment/shared mailboxes.

In addition to Microsoft Exchange protection, the license also covers the endpoint protection modules installed on the server.

The Security for Exchange license capacity equals to 150% of the total number of Security for Endpoints license seats. In case the number of active mailboxes in your organization exceeds the number of mailboxes covered by the license, you will receive a notification to extend your license.


This module is an add-on available with a separate license key.

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