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Restart machine

You can choose to remotely restart managed endpoints.


Check the Network > Tasks page before restarting certain endpoints. Previously created tasks may still be processing on target endpoints.

  1. Go to the Network page.

  2. Select the container that you want from the left-side pane. All endpoints from the selected container are displayed in the right-side pane table.

  3. Select the check boxes of endpoints you want to restart.

  4. Click the task.png Tasks button at the upper side of the table and choose Restart machine.

  5. Choose the restart schedule option:

    • Select Restart now to restart endpoints immediately.

    • Select Restart on and use the fields below to schedule the restart at the desired date and time.

  6. Click Save. A confirmation message will appear.

    You can view and manage the task on the Network > Tasks page. For more information, refer to Viewing and managing tasks.

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