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Renew SCIM provisioning


  • Login to
  • Open Azure AD (AAD).
  • Click on the left menu on “enterprise application”.
  • Search for “Apple business manager” and click on it.
    • On the left side, click on “Provisioning”.
    • Click on “Edit provisioning” button on the top menu
    • Expand “Admin Credentials”
    • Copy the secret token and Tenant URL from the steps in apple business manager section below and paste them in the “Admin Credentials” section.
    • Click on “Test Connection” to make sure the connection is successful.
    • Save the settings.
    • Click on “Restart Provisioning” to make sure the connection is running on the new settings.
  • Login to apple business manager portal
    • Go to “Directory Sync” in the preference portal.
    • Click on edit button
    • Click on generate token