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Enroll MacOS Setup


Initial Steps:

  • Activate Apple VPP and business manager
  • Add the apps you want to install on the Apple devices.
  • Add the “company portal” app – important will need it later.




Add Corporate devices

  • Intune admin portal
  • Devices, enroll devices




  • Click on “Corporate device identifiers”


  • Click add, upload csv


  • The CSV should be as (serial, device description)






Other Steps:

  • Apple business manager
    • Click on the profile at the bottom left, choose preference
    • Account, under “Federated Authentication”
      • Connect to Azure AD


Link to the following steps:


  • Login to
  • Admin portal
  • Azure ad porta
    • Enterprise applications
    • All application, and you will find “Apple business Manager” (because you connected it in the above steps)
    • Click on “Apple business manager”
      • On left, click “Provisioning”, click get started


  • Choose automatic



  • Back to “Apple business manager”


  • In Apple Business Manager , sign in as a user that has the role of Administrator or People Manager.
  • Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar, click Preferences , then click Directory Sync, click edit


  • Copy (Tenant URL) and (Secret Token) to the Azure Portal



  • Test conncetion



Steps – Intune:

  • Connect intune to apple business manager



  • Devices – Macos – macosenrollment – apple configurator