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Set Custom Autoreply message for mailbox valid for number of days


Set an auto reply message for a mailbox which will be valid for 60 days from the day you run the script.




Some of the parameters you may change according to the request.

Some of the parameters you must change according to the request.



Must change:

  • Under the command “Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration”:
    • -identity, you must enter “Email address of the requested user”
    • -Internalmessage and -externalmessage, you must enter “custom auto reply message”



May change:

  • Time of the validity of the message. You can set it to whatever you want
  • Under “starttime.adddays(60)”, you may change number 60 to anything else. This command count 60 days in the future of the date of running the script.




  • RDP to the tech box from N-Central or through VPN 
  • Press start and type “power” 
  • Right click on “Windows PowerShell ISE” and click on “Run as Administrator” 


  • Click open, navigate to location “C:\scripts”, and click on “Custom-autoreply.ps1” 
  • Be careful, as running the script will action the modifications on the spot.
  • Enter the email address of the user. You just need to replace “email address of the user” with actual email address
  • Enter the message in internal and external section. You just need to replace “message” with your actual message.
  • Run the script after you enter your modifications
  • It will ask you for creds to connect to office 365. Get it from Secret Server