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Meeting Invitation recurring


This is to remove a person from a Meeting Invitation recurring on a calendar by mistake – probably because of the migration to O365 but there may be many other reasons.


You will need, as an admin, to grant permission on the resources as Full access. You will need to login to the calendar itself and remove the user from the incorrect Meeting Invitation recurring. Then you remove your access from the account again.




  • Log in to O365 admin portal
  • Locate the resources that its calendar has a problem (1,2), click on it (3)
  • Click on edit exchange settings
  • On the left, click on “mailbox delegation”, add yourself in “Full Access” permission, and click “save”
  • On your computer, open any browser in “incognito” mode, go to “”, go to calendar, and click on “import calendar” on the left
  • On the left, click on “From Directory”, enter the name of the resources “Resource, Ridley MeetMe Conference 0386246947”, Press Add
  • In the calendar, locate the incorrectly event and modify it according to the request.
  • After you finish, log out.
  • Back to exchange properties in O365, remove yourself from “Full access” permission.