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Getting GUI help

Getting GUI help

IDLE makes obtaining the help you need easy. Look at the Help menu and you see three entries for obtaining help:


  • About IDLE: Provides you with the latest information about
  • IDLE Help: Shows you a text file containing information about working with the IDLE For example, this is where you find a list of the IDLE commands.
  • Python Docs: Contains information required to work with Python com- mands and other


Choose Help➪About IDLE to see the About IDLE dialog box shown in Figure 4-4. Near the middle of the dialog box, you see URLs for obtaining additional help. Each of the buttons displays a text file containing useful information, especially in the README and NEWS files. Click Close to exit this dialog box.









Figure 4-4: The About IDLE dialog box contains useful infor­ mation that you might not see otherwise.



Precisely what you see when you choose Help➪Python Docs depends on the platform you use. Figure 4-5 shows the Windows version of the dialog box.

The Python Docs file contains information about how to work with and use Python to create applications. It even has a tutorial section in which you can find additional helpful tips after working your way through this book.














Figure 4-5: Use Python Docs to dis­ cover more about using

Python to create applications.