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Email Security Licensing & Provisioning

Follow the below steps to add an Email Security license in GravityZone:

  1. Log in to Control Center .

  2. Click your username in the upper-right corner of the screen and click My Company.

  3. Under License enter your Email Security key and click Add.


    The add-on details appears.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Log out and log back in to Control Center.

    The Email Security page is now available when clicking the View Menu button.



    Only users with .Manage Network rights will have access to the Email Security tab.

Provision Email Security Accounts (Bitdefender Partners only)

  1. Log in to Control Center .

  2. Go to the Email Security page.

  3. Choose a managed company and click Create Account under the Action column.


    Email Security is created for the selected company.


    An error is returned when:

    • The account creation failed

    • An API returned and error

To open a Email Security console associated to a managed company, click Open console under the Action column.

License Expiration

A notification is sent 90, 30, 7 days, and also one day before the license expires. The notifications will include company information, product name, the expired license keys and useful URLs.


You must have Manage Company right to view this notification.

Syslog format availability: JSON, CEF

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